The insurance broker, the partner in insurance.

As an independent insurance broker in the exercise of our activities, we offer you the advantage of being in a position to provide you with the most favourable conditions in the market by putting our competitive spirit to good use.

The careful analysis of the offers and the conditions available in the market enable us to fully satisfy your specific demands regarding insurance coverage (Home, Car, Life, Supplementary Pension, Health…).

As our name already indicates, we are an insurance broker specialised in the coverage of risks for the media and communication sector. Since the beginning of the 80s, Media Assurances has been recognised as one of the international leaders in this field. As a privileged partner of companies invlved in the production, publication and creation of advertising or in the distribution and exploitation of audio and video documents, we offer global solutions designed to provide any insurance.

Our clientele is composed of renowned European companies workig in the radio and television sector. Besides, we are also the privileged partner of a great number of film production firms and service providers.

Having developed out of RTL Group, we are well placed to offer you the know-how best adapted to your activites. Owing to our experience and in-depth understanding of hte media industry, we are in a position to offer you a full spectrum of solutions tailored to your insurance needs.

Advantageous premiums thanks to our worldwide contacts
While most insurance brokers act and buy locally, Media Assurances in Luxembourg has been thinking and acting internationally since 1983. Media Assurances is a large-scale network with far-reaching connections, both in Luxembourg and abroad. Thanks to the volume of insurance contracts which we have handled to date and considering the numerous framework and group agreements which we have concluded, our premiums are generally lower than current market rates.

An independent partner
As an insurance broker, we are not bound to any particular insurers. We are thus free to choose from the best local and international insurance companies the offers which are best suited to your needs. Telephone, fax, e-mail or traditional mail, whatever the way you choose to get in touch with us, you can be assured that your request will be handled in a competent and professional way. We offer you a personalised service and we regularly visit our clients in order to revise and update the terms of their insurance contracts thus strengthening our links with our clientele.

Prompt assistance in case of need
In case of damage, the ability to provide fast and pragmatic help to you is our foremost priority.

RTL Group
Media Assurances is part of RTL Group,
the leading European entertainment network.

Since 2000, Media Assurances is a member of the UNIBA network.



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Pierrot Gieres
Chief Executive Officer

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